4D Lotto Results- 4D History and Summary

4D lotto today as well as the 4D Results history and summary for the last 60 days are available at this website for everyone’s consumption.

The 4D hearing today is courtesy of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

The 4 Digits or 4D Lotto is a game conducted by PCSO every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9PM.

4D Result Today – Hearing History and Summary

DateWinning Numbers
May 6, 20193-7-6-8
May 3, 20199-8-0-7
May 1, 20190-5-4-9
April 29, 20194-3-8-5
April 26, 20191-0-9-9
April 24, 20191-9-9-6
April 22, 20192-3-4-5
April 15, 20192-5-6-9
April 12, 20199-0-6-3
April 10, 20194-4-6-9
April 8, 20191-8-9-3
April 5, 20193-7-3-7
April 3, 20191-6-4-7
April 1, 20194-6-6-0
March 29, 20199-5-2-6
March 27, 20190-5-5-8
March 25, 20192-1-5-0
March 22, 20195-6-8-9
March 20, 20199-9-8-7
March 18, 20199-4-8-4
March 15, 20194-5-0-3
March 13, 20196-7-8-1
March 11, 20192-9-9-1
March 8, 20191-4-2-7
March 6, 20197-1-8-3
March 4, 20196-8-4-7
4D LOTTO RESULT March 1, 2019 – Official PCSO Lotto Results3-0-0-1
February 27, 20194-1-5-9
February 26, 20191-2-1-5
February 22, 20196-2-2-8
February 20, 20199-7-6-1
February 18, 20198-0-8-8
February 15, 20190-5-8-4
February 11, 20199-7-3-7
February 8, 20191-6-7-1
February 6, 20196-0-7-9
February 4, 20190-6-8-0
February 1, 20190-4-0-4
January 30, 20190-4-7-3
January 28, 20197-4-9-0
January 25, 20191-3-4-7
January 23, 20190-1-8-3
January 21, 20191-5-0-3
January 18, 20199-4-5-7
January 16, 20190-8-7-7
January 14, 20197-3-2-7

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Playing the 4D Lotto

This is one of the popular games of PCSO. To play the game is very easy. Simply buy the ticket worth 12 pesos inclusive of the documentary stamp tax. Then, select the numbers of your choice from 0-9 in four column bar of the play slip.

You can also select the LP or Lucky Pick and the machine will choose the numbers for you.

Player wins if he gets the numbers in exact order.

You can also play it at a more exciting phase via the PERM where you can also win exciting prizes depending on the selection.

Quick Tips for 4D Players

Take extra good care of your tickets.

Above all, don’t soak it underwater or subject it in high temperature. Tickets are heat-sensitive and PCSO will not accept tampered winning ticket (s).

Secure your ticket thoroughly and certainly don’t give it to anyone you don’t trust for claiming.

Winning ticket has one (1) year validity so claim it before it expires.

Where to claim your 4D Lotto Prize?

For 20 pesos up to 10,000 pesos, prizes can be claimed at any authorized lotto outlet or at the nearest PRC Branch office in your area while for the amount of 10,001 pesos and up, the amount can be claimed at the PCSO branch offices in your area or at PCSO head office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvrd. Corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City.

Your 4D Lucky Numbers

We’re excited to hear your 4D Lucky numbers for today. Share it at the comment section below.

Hope you’ll win. If it already happened, big congratulations!

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