Lotto Result History and Summary

STL PARES HISTORY, SUMMARY – The Small Town Lottery (STL) Pares history and summary as well as the lotto hearing digits today are available at this website for everyone’s consumption. The results of STL Pares is courtesy of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

STL Pares is a game conducted by PCSO from Monday to Sunday at 11AM (morning), 4PM (afternoon) and 9PM (evening).

STL PARES Result Today – History and Summary

Draw Date11AM4PM9PM
May 26, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 25, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 24, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 23, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 22, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 21, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 20, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 19, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 18, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 17, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 16, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 15, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 14, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 13, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 12, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 11, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 10, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 9, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 8, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 7, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 6, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 5, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 4, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 3, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 2, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
May 1, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 30, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 29, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 28, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 27, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 26, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 25, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 24, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 23, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 22, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 21, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 20, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 19, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 18, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 17, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 16, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 15, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 14, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 13, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 12, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 11, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 10, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 9, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 8, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 7, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 6, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 5, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 4, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 3, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 2, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
April 1, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 31, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 30, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 29, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 28, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 27, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 26, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 25, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 24, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 23, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 22, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 21, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 20, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 19, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 18, 2020CancelledCancelledCancelled
March 17, 202020-34CancelledCancelled
March 16, 202011-0232-2110-11
March 15, 202033-3112-2208-07
March 14, 202003-3316-2323-37
March 13, 202029-2419-0316-15
March 12, 202012-0603-1826-14
March 11, 202037-0901-2122-22
March 10, 202018-2717-2805-28
March 9, 202015-0101-1109-10
March 8, 202029-2834-3930-08
March 7, 202004-0213-2139-38
March 6, 202014-3904-1706-34
March 5, 202022-3833-0426-19
March 4, 202030-1012-1522-13
March 3, 202017-0514-2838-18
March 2, 202015-3732-1315-08

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Authorized Locations for STL Pares Draws

STL Lotto Draws are only authorized to operate at Abra, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Angeles City, Apayao, Bacolod City, Baguio City, Basilan, Bataan, Batangas, Benguet, Bukidnon, Bulacan, Cagayan de Oro City, Camarines Norte, Catanduanes, Cebu Province excluding Cebu City, Compostella Valley, Cebu City, Compostela Valley, Cotabato City, Davao City, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Oriental, Eastern Samar, General Santos City, Guimaras, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Isabela, Kalinga, La Union, Laguna including San Pablo City, Lapu Lapu City, Mandaue City, Misamis Occidental, Misamis Oriental, NCR Eastern District, Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental, North Cotabato, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Occidental Mindoro, Olongapo City, Pampanga, Quezon Province, Romblon, Santiago City, Saranggani, Siquijor, Sorsogon, Southern Leyte, South Cotabato, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, Tarlac, Western Samar, Zambales Province and Zamboanga del Norte.

All areas not mentioned will remain suspended.

Update February 2020: Hon. Royina Marzan Garma, the PCSO Chairperson and General Manager announced that pursuant to the instruction of PCSO board of directors, STL draw applications are also open to the following areas: Aurora, Oriental Mindoro, Northern Samar, Davao Occidental, Antique, Camiguin, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Ifugao, Masbate, NCR Western District, NCR Central District, Quirino, Iloilo City, Province of Iloilo excluding Iloilo City, Marinduque, Cebu City, Aklan, Sultan Kudarat, Province of Pampanga excluding Angeles City, Ilocos Norte, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan, Province of Zambales excluding Olongapo City, Angeles City, Pampanga, Tarlac, Bataan, Batangas, Quezon, Province of Laguna including San Pablo City, Occidental Mindoro, Sorsogon, Negros Occidental excluding Bacolod City, Zambales, Olongapo City, Zambales and Province of Capiz.

PCSO will likewise accept applications from February 5, 2020 to March 5, 2020. The guaranteed minimum monthly retail receipts shall be issued on the 2019 voting population of the areas.

How to play the STL Pares?

Playing STL Pares is very simple. Player wins in STL Pares shall he/she got the two (2) lucky numbers from 1-40 (in exact order).

Players lower than eighteen (18) years of age are not allowed to play any of the PCSO games.

Where to claim the Lotto Prize?

For the amount to claim of P5,000 pesos and below, prizes can be claimed at the nearest authorized lotto outlet or at the nearest PCSO branch upon validation of the tickets.

For prizes above P5,000 pesos up to P20,000 pesos, prizes can be claimed at the nearest PCSO Branch office while above P20,000 pesos prize can be claimed at the PCSO head office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvrd. Corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City.

Prizes of P10,000 pesos above are taxable (20%) pursuant to TRAIN law.

Where to check the STL Pares Lotto Results?

Aside from, players can also watch the STL Pares results in real-time via PTV as well as their online accounts via Facebook and Twitter. Official PCSO accounts are airing the lotto draws as well. In special occasions such as important national holidays, PCSO is announcing the suspension of draws days before the scheduled draw date.

Quick Tips for Lotto Players

Take extra good care of your Lotto ticket. Above all, don’t soak it underwater or subject it in high temperature. Tickets are heat-sensitive and PCSO will not accept tampered winning ticket (s).

Secure your ticket and certainly don’t give it to anyone you don’t trust for claiming.

PCSO Daily Schedule of STL Pares Lotto Draw

Here’s the schedule of the all lotto games, courtesy of PCSO.

DAily Schedule of Lotto Games PCSO

PCSO Lotto Millionaires 2020

Since the start of 2020, PCSO has already given away more than three hundred sixty one million pesos (Php361,000,000) to eight (8) lucky lotto bettors around the country. PCSO has disclosed the locations from where the lucky winning ticket was bought. Here’s the summary of all winners for 2020 PCSO lotto draws.

PCSO Announcement(s) and Notice(s) to the Public

March 23, 2020: Further on the Proclamation No. 922, PCSO reminded the public to keep all tickets for March 17, 2020 at 4PM and 9PM as well as all PCSO lotto tickets bought in advance. PCSO will announce the date when all these tickets will be drawn. Stay safe everyone!

March 17, 2020: PCSO lotto draws were suspended nationwide pursuant to President’s Proclamation No. 922 on the Enhanced Community Quarantine to lessen if not stop the spread of coronavirus or the COVID-19. The said quarantine will last until April 14, 2020.

March 1, 2020: PCSO informs the public, especially those avid followers in the Youtube Channel that they will temporarily stop the live-streaming of lotto draws while currently coordinating with the Youtube management. Meanwhile, those followers at other social media accounts are not affected.

February 10, 2020: 6D Lotto is now a nationwide lotto game. Players from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao may secure their tickets and tune in every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to win exciting prizes.

February 6, 2020: PCSO informs the public that the operation of PERYAHAN Games is suspended until further instructions from the Office of the President.

In an important recent announcement posted on January 4, 2020, PCSO clarified the adjustment of assistance to hospitalization, chemotherapy and dialysis for medical-financial assistance due to the mandate to remit 40% to PhilHealth. To quote the full statement,

In view of the implementation of the Universal Health Care Law (RA 11223), PCSO in compliance with the provision to remit forty percent (40%) of its charity fund to the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) to be used in improving the benefit package of its beneficiaries, changes in the provision of individual assistance shall be implemented effective January 1, 2020.

With this, there will be adjustments to the amount of assistance for hospitalization, chemotherapy and dialysis in order for the agency to respond to request for medical-financial assistance.

Those not included in the aforementioned types of assistance shall be deemed not covered by the new guidelines. All assistance to be extended by PhilHealth already incorporates PCSO’s financial assistance.

STL Pares Lotto Updates

For clarifications, comments, complaints or suggestions about PCSO products and services, you may reach them through their official FB account.

We’re excited to hear your STL Pares lucky numbers for today. What will you do with the money? Share it at the comment section below.

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